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Tonight's BSG episode was truly awesome and chilling. For a start, all that stuff with the opera house and Hera and crazy vision stuff and all the 6's? It's like Molly's drawings of the Nightmare Man with the weird sigil from Heroes. And adorable little Hera had her first line, except it was way creepy! But then, also, Gaeta's ballad, which, oh my god. The music was beautiful, and damn that man has a beautiful voice, too. I went and looked at Bear McCreary's blog, and it turns out that a) he wrote the piece, and b) Alessandro Juliani (who plays Gaeta) apparently studied opera at McGill. I always knew I liked Gaeta! We were discussing tonight whether all the focus on him and the particularities of his situation make it more likely or less likely that he's the final Cylon. We did decide, however, that unless the Final Cylon is Zarek (please no), they probably are unaware of their identity.

I'm sad that Natalie is dead, though. I liked her.

I also discovered this past week that Raya is (and has been for the last five years) dating Bear McCreary and actually sings on the show some. As I said to [livejournal.com profile] jessbess and Raya, it's pieces of information like that that make you go: "Five years? I think I've been a little remiss on keeping up with some of my friends...."

On another note entirely, before BSG started we caught the tail end of Doctor Who — now, I don't watch the show, and I'm told that it's much better if you actually watch more than the last five minutes of an episode like we've done for the past few weeks, but here's an approximation of our take on tonight's episode:

*watching a woman in a weird bath thing* Oh, so that's how they make cylons!
*two seconds later, as a copy of the woman comes out of another bath exactly in the fashion of a resurrected cylon* Wait, no, seriously, that actually is a BSG reference, isn't it?
Ha ha, and that guy with the really fat head is like a Centurion without his helmet on! That's what's under the helmet!
*half a minute later* Wait, they're actually called Centaurons?

Someone who actually watches Doctor Who as well as BSG, tell me: Was the blatant intertextuality intentional?
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