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[livejournal.com profile] tigupine and I just watched "Dirty Girls." And the first girl who very very minor spoiler ) looked really really familiar, and suddenly I realized... it's Maya!!!
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The Line Starts Here Meme

Name a pairing that I am familiar with, in a fandom I am familiar with, and I will write one line for that pairing and fandom.

ETA: Apparently I'm being unable to write these as anything other than run-on-sentence drabbles (though not 100 words, sometimes more and sometimes less), but I may try and control myself (and do bits other than the beginning or entirety of a given story) for future requests. May, not will.
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Gunn was singing G&S! Yay! Yay! Although I suppose that's a tad of a spoiler because it did happen in the episode, and hence should probably be behind a cut. So if anyone's now irrevocably spoiled by that, I'm very sorry.

I haven't yet seen the teaser, except the last minute or so, and I haven't yet seen the Next Weeks, because the fucking TV went on the fritz right at the end. So I've not even quite seen the proper end, I don't think. I saw up to Spoiler for 5x15 ) but I only saw about a second of that, and then no more. I did see an oddly green and ghostly Mutant Enemy zombie marching across the screen, but without accompanying sound.

I want to know why our wireless has been so slow the past few weeks. It sucks.

Oh, also, in case anyone doesn't know, Another spoiler for 5x15 )
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For [livejournal.com profile] wolfemancs: DVD of the South Park movie. Yay.

For [livejournal.com profile] girlwithjournal: Having already vowed that she was getting no Christmas present this year, following the bestowal of the complete Indiana Jones DVD set earlier this semester jointly with [livejournal.com profile] psychopepsquad, I of course caved in because I wanted to get her something. So, a log-cabin-shaped tin of Grade A Vermont maple syrup, and a drawing of Spike:

For [livejournal.com profile] psychopepsquad: a belt, to go with the really cool buckle which [livejournal.com profile] girlwithjournal procured for her.

For [livejournal.com profile] nenar: 4 LotR bookmarks: Frodo, Frodo & Sam, Aragorn, and Aragorn-as-Strider.

For [livejournal.com profile] dizzyditz: A poster of Frederic Lord Leighton's "Flaming June."

For [livejournal.com profile] leech: Vurt, by Jeff Noon.

For [livejournal.com profile] mrjonesandme: An Indonesian mask; kind of cat-shaped. I thought it reminded me a bit of some of the cartoon characters from his videogames, maybe Sonic or something.

For [livejournal.com profile] grimhild: nothing as of yet, 'cause the idea I had didn't entirely pan out. I'll look around L.A. and Austin.
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I was making a valiant attempt to finish my spooky story for [livejournal.com profile] wiseacress's Scary Halloween Fic-a-thon, but I'm going to wimp out and leave it at just having given her "The World We Made." I'd rather go to the party.

But here's the first part, in case anyone's curious. (There'll be bits of this that get expanded, and the story will, obviously, continue, too.)

Samhain (working title) )
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Ghost of the Robot was very, very cool. Got a CD, which I managed to get one of the guitar players (not JM, obviously!) to sign. He was very amusing -- dressed in shorts, tight t-shirt, w/ a sweatband around his long-ish hair, biiiig shades, he looked like he was straight out of the Beatles' era. That would be said guitar player, btw. We all know what JM looks like. Except for that I discovered that, while I certainly find Spike aesthetically very pleasing, I think JM is actually hot in his himself-guise. [livejournal.com profile] girlwithjournal is convinced that this is blasphemy against all things eternal and created (that I would think he's hotter not as Spike, not that I would think he's hot in the first place), but it doesn't stop me from thinking this. The other two bands that played were pretty good too. Met some very nice kids from Burlingame, as well, but the fact that one of them was 16 just made me feel old.

Which brings us to the whole I-just-had-a-birthday thing. Wow. Fun. I kept forgetting all through the day that it was my birthday, and then [livejournal.com profile] girlwithjournal would randomly bring this up and I'd be like, "wow, it's my birthday. Just too cool." So... yeah. Hecting preparation this morning, what with cleaning the (very very very dirty) kitchen, making scones and making foccacia. Big disappointment: the crème fraîche didn't come out for the first time ever, and that sucks majorly. Amelia and [livejournal.com profile] mciac were nice and made a run to Whole Foods for me. This was a good thing.

I've never been to a live concert before, except for a) when I at one point went and heard Joachim and Juliette's band playing at the Alligator Lounge way back in high school (and the AL really doesn't count much, besides which my parents were there 'cause I think it was before I could drive), and b) when I went to Joan Baez' concert in my second year at Oxford, and since that was in the Apollo it was all sit-down and not really very concert-like. This was way cool, though. Stood really quite up close to the front, could see the bands really well except when some stupid person's head was in my way. JM looks like a really really nice guy. Pity I'll never actually get to meet him. He said that the last girl (or a girl, I'm not sure which) he fell in love with was gay, which prompted [livejournal.com profile] girlwithjournal to suggest that I should ask JM to set me up with said girl, so that Girl will have ready access to a certain bleach-blond whom we all know and love.

I'm very sure there were more things I was planning to write. They may or may not have been more babble. However, I am falling asleep over the computer, so it's probably best if I go take out my contacts and crawl into bed. If I remember tomorrow, I will continue this entry... and maybe even tell you what I was wearing!
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Gee, as if I haven't got enough displacement already. Why is it that I can think of lots of amorphous but cool-seeming thoughts while I'm reading articles on a subject and wandering aimlessly around campus, and when I actually sit down to write out my ideas I just get a discouraging blank and am forced to find solace in completely irrelevant activities?

Which are here )

Must think about Callimachus, must think about Callimachus. And paeans. And... ugh...

(No discouraged mood icon? This is a bad thing!)
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OK, [livejournal.com profile] sunday100 challenges are fun. Though exactly 100 words? Real killer. Anyway, if you want, you can check out my attempt. This week's challenge was "Reflections." (Have I completely lost the ability to type, I wonder? cyeck, thois . . . Perhaps, perhaps.)
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    I don't usually do this sort of thing.
    I don't usually get asked…
    But I'm having a good time.
    Where did you say you went to school?


The above quote is from the original pilot for Buffy, which I was just looking at the script of. You know where Crossroads is? Where I went to school. Where Joss' younger brothers went to school (and I think Joss might've gone there for a bit before he went to England, but I'm not sure). This is absolutely fucking hilarious ... if you're me.


Apr. 20th, 2003 12:56 pm
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I just saw a note on Buffyworld.com that indicated that the DVD of Season 4 won't have the widescreen format, despite the fact that Seasons 4 and onward were filmed in widescreen and despite the European DVDs having the format available. There's a petition to stop this outrage, however, to be found at http://www.petitiononline.com/dc17/petition.html. So go sign it!!

Good grief

Apr. 19th, 2003 09:10 pm
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I just discovered the livejournal of the Hellmouth bunch and, while incredibly amused, am wondering precisely how much time and money people have on their hands. Time, I can understand -- one can usually make time, at least for a bit. But these all seem to be paid accounts...

OK, I'll stop feeling jealous and simply feel really really amused by the whole thing. (Some of the journal entries are very disturbing of course, so they don't amuse me, they make me sad; but I was just looking at [livejournal.com profile] _jasmine_'s entries and was giggling lots.)

I'm good.

Apr. 16th, 2003 03:30 pm
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Hah, I was so right: the girl who plays Chao-Ahn (apparently that's her name) in Buffy (you know, she's the Potential that doesn't speak any English?) IS the girl who plays Jenny Nguyen in What's Cooking?! (Which, incidentally, is a fantastic movie and should be seen by all.)


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