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The Line Starts Here Meme

Name a pairing that I am familiar with, in a fandom I am familiar with, and I will write one line for that pairing and fandom.

ETA: Apparently I'm being unable to write these as anything other than run-on-sentence drabbles (though not 100 words, sometimes more and sometimes less), but I may try and control myself (and do bits other than the beginning or entirety of a given story) for future requests. May, not will.
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So, as I've mentioned to many of you, I'm going to be in a performance of Gilbert & Sullivan's "The Gondoliers" during the end of this month and the beginning of August. If you are already in the Bay Area, or if you happen to be planning to visit during the relevant period, I'd be thrilled if you would come see it, especially since it's my first performance with the Lamplighters (the San Francisco-based G&S-and-other-light-opera society) and also my first performance with any sort of semi-professional group. I'm in the chorus, rather than having a principal role, but don't let that stop you!

July 22, 23, 24 (matinee), 28, 29, 30 (matinee and evening) and 31 (matinee) at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, and August 4, 5, and 6 (matinee and evening) at the Dean Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek.

Matinees are at 2pm, and evening performances are at 8pm.

Tickets are a little pricey, I'm afraid (Children [15 & under] $10 - $17; Young Adults [16-29] $25 - $37; Seniors [65 & over] $25 - $37; Adult $30 - $42), but the evening performance on the 28th is a pay-what-you-can night (meaning you could pay $1, if you really wanted) for all the tickets that haven't been sold in advance (so getting there early is kind of a good thing), and if you mention your knowledge of the Gondoliers postcards, you can get up to four $22 tickets for the performance on August 4th. If you actually want a physical postcard, send me your address, and I'll try and get around to stamping and mailing them, since I have a whole pile sitting on my writing desk. And please pass on this info to any friends you have who might be interested in seeing the show.

Further information is available on the Lamplighters website.
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Gunn was singing G&S! Yay! Yay! Although I suppose that's a tad of a spoiler because it did happen in the episode, and hence should probably be behind a cut. So if anyone's now irrevocably spoiled by that, I'm very sorry.

I haven't yet seen the teaser, except the last minute or so, and I haven't yet seen the Next Weeks, because the fucking TV went on the fritz right at the end. So I've not even quite seen the proper end, I don't think. I saw up to Spoiler for 5x15 ) but I only saw about a second of that, and then no more. I did see an oddly green and ghostly Mutant Enemy zombie marching across the screen, but without accompanying sound.

I want to know why our wireless has been so slow the past few weeks. It sucks.

Oh, also, in case anyone doesn't know, Another spoiler for 5x15 )


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