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This probably wasn't officially a meme, but I think by being at least the third person in a chain of posters, that probably makes it one now.

Things I've been for Halloween (and now comes the great taxing of the memory):

I don't think I dressed up when I was 0 or 1. But I certainly did when I was two, and so starting with that year I was....

A green cat.
A red cow.
A clown.
A fairy princess.
A witch.
A mermaid.

... oh my god, I've forgotten the costumes of two whole years! ...

A winged centaur.
A minstrel.
A hippogryph.

... umm... two more years go by, in which I am __ and __ (but I would guess that one year I was a vampire, and the other I may conceivably have worn my fencing gear) ...

A Venetian Carnivale-goer.
Keats' poetry.

Then I didn't really dress up when I was in Oxford, so that's four years without costumes. And for the last couple of years, since I've been in Berkeley, I've been a vampire (the first year in plainclothes, last year wearing my red skirt and corset, so a more fashionable and ancient sort of vampire). This year I'm wearing some old Ren-Faire clothes of mine, and last night, since I was just in normal clothing, I was straight. When my mom gets home from Arrowhead, or at least once she gets back in range on her cell-phone, I'll try phoning her and see if she can remember any other costumes.

ETA 2/17/05: I've finally remembered that in third grade (possibly 4th, but certainly one of the two missing years in there) I was Zelda. My friend Jasper Linke dressed up as Link.
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I was making a valiant attempt to finish my spooky story for [livejournal.com profile] wiseacress's Scary Halloween Fic-a-thon, but I'm going to wimp out and leave it at just having given her "The World We Made." I'd rather go to the party.

But here's the first part, in case anyone's curious. (There'll be bits of this that get expanded, and the story will, obviously, continue, too.)

Samhain (working title) )
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I just convinced a whole gaggle of children (some as old as ten, I'd hazard) that my vampire teeth were real. Which means that I almost didn't mind them taking nearly all of the candy in my basket. Their chaperone (old sister? mother?) thought it was hilarious; she asked if I liked drinking blood, to which I replied yes, it's tasty, at which the children all ran screaming. Hee hee. Anyway, when they were gone, there was only one Reese's pb cup left, so I rescued it for myself; and I had to open the second bags of 3 Musketeers and Milky Way Midnights. I'll have to remember how popular Reeses are for next year; nearly all of the kids have been choosing those (so that they'd have gone first even without this recent greedy horde).

But the teeth thing was so brilliant. Kids are so gullible. I love Halloween. ("Are you supposed to be a vampire?" "No, these are my real teeth.") *does a little happy Halloween dance*


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