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I died in the Dungeon of Darcydodo

I was killed in a cavernous maze of passages by Trinityofone the gelatinous cube, whilst carrying...

the Amulet of Amoken, the Amulet of Dictalicence, the Sceptre of Monty Python, the Wand of Tom Bombadil, the Sceptre of Sbtorpey, the Amulet of Fawlty Towers, the Sceptre of Preraphaelites, the Crown of Amnesiadust, the Wand of Tigerlilygreen, the Crown of Tlaad, the Axe of Calbruin, a Figurine of Thalassius, a Figurine of Krystalshay, the Dagger of Indigo Girls, the Sceptre of Avani, the Crown of Papersky, the Sword of Mooglepower, the Dagger of Jhwaller, the Axe of Baking, the Dagger of Elemysthesis, the Sceptre of Computers, the Dagger of Burntspaghetti, the Sceptre of Pastrix, the Wand of Tom Bombadil, the Wand of James Joyce, the Crown of Neilfred, the Amulet of Long Hair, a Figurine of Musingsylph, the Wand of Jennyo, the Armour of Taosterman, the Shield of Miggy, the Axe of Melanie Rawn, the Crown of Dherman, the Sceptre of Maerdi, the Wand of Poetry, the Crown of Lyricwheel and 522 gold pieces.

Score: 698

Explore the Dungeon of Darcydodo and try to beat this score,
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I also lost a few shields by thornbushes, while I was at it. (Actually, I was seduced into removing them all. Yes, I'm weak.)

I was so pleased when I saw crude images of dragons daubed on walls... or heard the sounds of Joan Baez in the distance.... There were also things like stone statues dedicated to Ovid, and a shelf full of books on Willow Rosenburg, the L Word, and Latin, or some such combination.

(I note that I've been making various forays into my [occasionally changing] dungeon over the past several days, but this is the first time I've been able to sit down and play through a long adventure, not having to switch computers in the interim or give up when it claimed an overfull server load.)

People can vote on what they think my favorite objects are. :) But I'll say right away that none of them is quite so cool as a few items garnered in other people's dungeons.

And lastly, can I just say: gelatinous cubes!!!!


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