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Dee! Noooo!!! For a while, I thought it was possible that the jacks had actually triggered a memory for her that we simply didn't see, like the wall did with Tyrol and the guitar neck did for Anders. But if Ellen's a cylon....

So is Ellen really the final cylon? I don't know... I mean, she's obviously someone that was suggested at some point in the past year, but then again, I think everyone was suggested at some point in the past year. One guy I was watching it with came up with the idea that Ellen is a "grown up" Six. I like that, except it begs the question of why Saul wouldn't recognize her "younger" form. There's clearly some connection between Ellen and Six, though. Or maybe Kara's a young Ellen (ha!). That would explain the sleeping around with everyone....

Timeline, let's see. 3,600 years ago, Pythia wrote about the exodus of the 13 tribes. We assume that Pythia was around to see this exodus for herself. 2,000 years ago, Earth gets destroyed by nuclear holocaust. In the intervening 1,600 years, the 13th tribe (i.e., Cylons) have colonised Earth and built a civilization there; but it was also a planet that the people on Kobol already knew the existence and location of, since the Tomb of Athena and the Arrow of Apollo point the way there.

Was Earth peopled exclusively with only 12 models of cylon plus Centurions? Seems unlikely; I'm downloading the episode to see if I can get any clues from the market scene with Tyrol. But I think they were careful not to show any faces, just fruit. ETA: No, they do show faces, and they're not ones we've seen. So at one point, there were far more than just 12 models of cylon.

And then there's Kara's crashed Viper and deceased self... is she a cylon??

I'm starting to put some faith in [livejournal.com profile] toob's theory that everyone's a cylon.
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