Apr. 20th, 2003 06:15 pm
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OK, it's worth a try. Does anyone know how to set my mood to these little guys? I can't find them in the moodlist, but I've seen someone use them at some point. And they're what I originally wanted, despite my love of these little dragons. (The dragons annoy me, though, by using the same image for a million different moods.)

ETA: OK, gradually realizing that it's not actually the dragons' fault and the blue thingies would probably do the same if I had them. But I'm still curious how to get the others.

Good grief

Apr. 19th, 2003 09:10 pm
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I just discovered the livejournal of the Hellmouth bunch and, while incredibly amused, am wondering precisely how much time and money people have on their hands. Time, I can understand -- one can usually make time, at least for a bit. But these all seem to be paid accounts...

OK, I'll stop feeling jealous and simply feel really really amused by the whole thing. (Some of the journal entries are very disturbing of course, so they don't amuse me, they make me sad; but I was just looking at [ profile] _jasmine_'s entries and was giggling lots.)
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I found a great source of entertainment:

It's the good old six degrees of separation, done lj style! (Oh, the places you'll go....)
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Seems that IE, at least for PCs, doesn't like displaying .png files. Which means that if I don't want people like [ profile] leech to wander around saying "why is your icon a big black square?" I'll have to change my icon. And this sucks, 'cause I like my icon. Any ideas as to what the technical difficulties here are, anyone?
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Oops, no. That was supposed to be, "I can't believe I actually did this..."

I'm here. It's scary. It's mostly the fault of [ profile] girlwithjournal and [ profile] leech, who both swore blue that I really really wanted a livejournal and really really didn't want to do my work. And now I can write my own stupid remarks and get other people to laugh at them... (Or however it's supposed to work. Anyway.)

Right, I'll stop rambling now and put up this entry, and then maybe I can distract myself by putting up more entries.


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