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Today was strange, fun, tiring, and many other things. It started out with me helping a French girl named Sandrine correct her paper on (in English) and translation of (into French) a novel by Linda Hogan entitled Power. I'd agreed to do this a few days ago, and I was getting paid for it (I figured 20 euros/hr was approximately equivalent to $25/hr, which is the going rate for grad. student tutoring at home). Besides, it means that I now know of a book I'd quite like to read at some point. But it also meant having to get up at 7:30, which didn't allow me to start catching up at all on my sleep (in fact, it helped deprive me of more of it).

Class was a mixture of stupidly hot and wearying room (our usual room, which we were back in today), much nicer (read: colder) room that we moved into after the break, and a large coffee during said break. There are also two new girls in our class, from Finland. (Have I actually listed the nationalities that have cropped up in the class? I don't think so. Here they are, and apologies if it's actually a repetition. ))

After class, I headed over to the Louvre again, since Monday's the other day of the week it's open late. My second trip to the Louvre )

Oh, and apparently today was Bloom's Day, which I really ought to have known. I'm not entirely sure if there's a suitable way to celebrate the holiday, though, anyway.


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