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I'm excited for the last episode of BSG tonight. I had missed most of the half-season, and I've been quickly catching up over the last few nights; I have one episode before the final one left. My parents have an HD-DVR, though, so I'm recording it and the actual final episode on that and will watch them tonight! It looks like the SCIFI-HD channel is showing the episode early, though (east coast time, I can only assume!), as well as at normal time, so I may get to watch the episode as soon as I'm back from working at the Getty....

A few spoilery thoughts )
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"The Face of the Enemy"? Crazy. Spoilers for the pre-4.5 webisodes.... )

Anyway, fun and gripping, but I can't wait for Friday!

The Hub

Jun. 13th, 2008 02:53 pm
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I figure that I should put down a couple of my ideas from last week's BSG episode before I see tonight's.

Spoilers for 'The Hub' )

How long's the mid-season break, anyone know?
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Tonight's BSG episode was truly awesome spoilers for 'Guess What's Coming To Dinner' (and what sort of title is that, anyway?) )

On another note entirely, before BSG started we caught the tail end of Doctor Who — now, I don't watch the show, and I'm told that it's much better if you actually watch more than the last five minutes of an episode like we've done for the past few weeks, but here's an approximation of our take on tonight's episode:

*watching a woman in a weird bath thing* Oh, so that's how they make cylons!
*two seconds later, as a copy of the woman comes out of another bath exactly in the fashion of a resurrected cylon* Wait, no, seriously, that actually is a BSG reference, isn't it?
Ha ha, and that guy with the really fat head is like a Centurion without his helmet on! That's what's under the helmet!
*half a minute later* Wait, they're actually called Centaurons?

Someone who actually watches Doctor Who as well as BSG, tell me: Was the blatant intertextuality intentional?
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I've decided that the BSG swear word "frack" should be considered to be derived from the Latin frango, "to break." It totally works.
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I saw Battlestar Galactica: Razor tonight. On a big screen. It was kind of awesome. Obviously, SPOILERS for Razor! )

And also, it looks like Zooey's in a new show on Sci-Fi. In which she apparently plays some version of Dorothy? This makes me laugh with hilarity and glee.
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Umm, last week and this week, did they cut out the credit sequence with the lovely droning and the there-are-THIS-MANY-humans-left? Or am I just insane?

I have to wait until 2008 for more BSG? How is that possibly fair? (spoilers for season 3 finale) )

I want to go to sleep now, so it's time to stop. :)

ETA - addressed to americanbeetles )
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Spoilers for BSG 3x17 'Maelstrom' )
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What did I think about the new BSG? Gosh. Well, I'll have to be brief as I should already be asleep. Spoilers for the first episode of 3.5, whatever the number is )

All right, I seem to have devolved into mostly wittering, so it's sleepy time.

BSG 3x07

Nov. 11th, 2006 10:11 am
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One brief comment about 3x07: spoilers )

At some point I really should make a second BSG icon, since this one's technically a bit depressing and angsty.
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I made one icon and several screencaps from the webisodes. The icons that I have in my head do not resemble the one that I made, but I can't think where in the first two seasons the scene I'm thinking of is. Anyway, here is the icon; caps and some discussion behind the cut.

Screencaps, spoilerage and more religion nattering )

At some point I may or may not talk about tonight's episode, but suffice it to say that I liked it.

ETA: There are spoilers for Exodus pt 2 in the comments.
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I finally watched the season 3 premiere of BSG, just in time to not see tonight's new episode, because I don't know anyone in Berkeley who watches it. Well, [livejournal.com profile] wageslave and David watch it, but [livejournal.com profile] wageslave was going over to Elias' to watch it, and Elias gets it an hour earlier than anywhere else on the west coast, unfortunately. So I'm relegated to waiting until it's available online. *is impatient*

While I wait for some kind soul who maybe watched it three hours ago on the east coast to upload it to the internets the bittorrent to download Friday the 13th to be over so that maybe I'll actually have some success at obtaining a copy of the frakking episode, I shall ponder the premiere, which [livejournal.com profile] americanbeetles and I watched projected onto a large screen in all its awesomeness. Oh yes, it was lovely to behold. :)

Spoilers )

I don't suppose anyone miraculously has an invite to demonoid, which just successfully failed to work for me three times in a row so that now I can't use it?

ETA: And indeed, now that it is no longer Friday the 13th, there are suddenly and miraculously other sources for downloading!


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